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An exceptional site
in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise

Surrounded by groves and meadows, Rougeon with
its organically cultivated vineyards gleam under the
Côte Chalonnaise’s rising sun.

Château de Rougeon
Authentic wines marked with the imprint of each Terroir

Authentic wines marked with the imprint of each Terroir

A vineyard that is fascinating in its complexity cannot be restricted to only one type of wine.

The Wines
We are Eager to showcase our work

We are Eager to showcase our work

Take a stroll to discover Burgundy wines that are at the heart of a rich and diverse ecosystem.

Visits & Tastings
Ecologically intensive cultivation

Ecologically intensive cultivation

Hedgerows, low walls, rocks and shrubs shape the Rougeon landscape

Heritage and expertise
« On the hilltop, Rougeon defies time. »

« On the hilltop,
Rougeon defies time»

The Château de Rougeon has been a winemaking estate for over 200 years. Located between Givry and Montagny in the heart of the Burgundy Côte Chalonnaise, it has been in the family for 6 generations.

Alone on its hill, Rougeon is timeless. Its situation at an altitude of 350 metres, and above all the diversity of its soils, provide the estate and its great wines with an incomparable richness.

We welcome you all through the year at Bissey-sous-Cruchaud in order to let you discover the Château de Rougeon and its great Burgundy wines.

The Rougeon Journal

Salon Professionnel Les Zinzins du Comptoir

Les Zinzins du Comptoir

Julien Altaber and Yves Brunier have created “Les Zinzins du Comptoir”, a brand new salon with a beautiful line up. The idea was to bring together organic, biodynamic, natural, non-certified organic winegrowers, but above all a good group of friends. Obviously the idea was unifying, this show brings together 50 winegrowers, ready to uncork their […]

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